Wood is pleasing … rich, reliable and versatile.

Wooden Doors And Windows

SINCE ITS INCEPTION, STEWART BRANNEN HAS BEEN dedicated to providing its clients with some of the finest examples of wooden fenestration and custom millwork the world over. Lewis Stewart and Edmund Brannen co-founded the company in 1989 and grew the business in a small town in Southeast Georgia. The company, now a quarter century old, is still family owned and operated; manufacturing completely custom, wooden doors and windows and custom millwork with an adamant dedication to offering both quality products and exceptional customer service.

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We have a profound appreciation for wood and wood products. Providing the finest wooden doors and windows requires an understanding of not only the windows and doors themselves but also the characteristics of the wood from which these products are made. Wood is one of the world’s oldest and most proven building materials. There is an intrinsic beauty in wooden doors and windows which cannot be matched. With its relatively light weight and the ease by which it can be shaped, wood allows us to build a wide array of products which serve both utilitarian and artistic needs.

All wooden doors and windows, however, are not created equal. It is through our desire to cultivate our clients’ dreams into a reality that we are driven to innovate and evolve daily. As a result of our innovations and commitment to continuous improvement; our windows and doors utilize a harmonious combination of construction methods proven through centuries to withstand the test of time with modern advancements and innovative breakthroughs for a finished product that can be custom tailored to accommodate unique design requirements without compromising the products functionality or performance.

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