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Impact Resistant Windows and Doors

A T STEWART BRANNEN MILLWORKS WE DO NOT believe in taking chances with your possessions. We specialize in Impact Resistant Windows and Doors. Since the adoption of the International Building Code in the southeastern states we have been a leader in testing custom window and door units for structural and impact ratings. We have spent many hours in independent laboratories testing our products; and we have learned many lessons from the experience. The little details matter when buying and installing rated units; and you should get the security you are paying for. We do not advise accepting a product based on someone’s opinion that it will meet code requirements. There are so many factors that just cannot be foreseen without actually testing the units. Without actual testing of all components, there is no data from which an engineering rational analysis can be based.

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Our extensive testing experience with impact resistant windows and doors has earned us the reputation as an industry leader in providing our customers with the widest range of impact resistant doors and windows. All of our impact rated units are inspected by our in house team and carry the SBMpact seal of approval. For your peace of mind we offer our customers access to all of our impact resistant windows and doors independent test reports for any of our rated products. Don’t rely on someone’s opinion on what will meet code requirements when you can get a guaranteed certified product. Make sure you are getting the security you are paying for.Please click the link below to see our independent test reports and let us know if you are looking for certifications that are not listed.  Also, please watch the video below to see examples of the testing we put our products through.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the testing process or how to get a copy of our rating reports. We strive to provide our customers with the widest range of sizes and configurations of impact resistant window and door rated products so we are constantly testing new products and gaining new certifications.

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