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We design and build the best custom mahogany windows when nothing less will do. ~ Lewis Stewart, Founder

What sets us apart?

We have engineered our doors to maximize the beauty of wood, while working with the natural properties of wood. We are a regional company and we engineer our doors for our region. Stile and rail doors have been around for centuries. This design limits the widths of the components making up the perimeter of the door, which minimizes expansion and contraction due to changes in the moisture content of the wood. Panels, which fit in grooves machined into the stiles and rails, are undersized to allow for movement. All stile and rail doors are built this way, but each regional weather environment requires adjustments to be made for local conditions.

Barn Doors

Our doors are built using CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled) routers. We use CNC because all of our products are custom and made to order. There are many different machine setups to be made for all of our products and a human cannot match the tolerances of the CNC machine. Our parts are first machined on the routers because they are extremely accurate and allow for complex machining to be done to the wood parts very safely. The parts are then inspected and assembled by hand. The assembled doors are then put back on the router to be sized for the door frame and all hardware prep is done. This gives us a product where the completed door is accurate to a few thousandths of inch. The door frames are also machined on the router to match the doors. Our product has never been better than it is today. The technology we have implemented lets us do things more accurately than we ever could before and its lets us do things we couldn’t do earlier. Today’s technology allows us to be better craftsmen and no compromises are ever made.

Our door stiles are engineered to remain straight while having 1/8” laminates on the faces for long lasting durability. We saw our own laminates out of individually selected boards. The stile edges are very thick to allow trimming the door and the core material is selected for uniform strength. In an environment where the humidity is constantly changing, internal tension in a long piece of lumber may cause the piece to warp. This is why we don’t use solid stiles.

Our exterior doors feature our exclusive rimmed panels. Our rimmed panels have matching wood edges applied to the perimeter of an exterior plywood panel. The miters of these edges feature a hidden finger joint which keeps the joint from separating. These edges are glued and clamped around the plywood core, then a 1/8” matching laminate face is pressed on the face with Type I exterior adhesives. The laminate faces are sawn from individual boards and kept together so all pieces will match. The panel is then machined and raised to fit into the door. This laborious process is done so that our exterior panels will have minimum expansion and contraction, and these panels cannot split or warp like conventional panels.

We value your business. We want to help make your dreams come true. We have years of experience in building doors in this area. We feel we know what will work and what will not, and we will inform you if we think something about your project may cause you problems. We are grateful for your consideration of us in your project