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We design and build the best custom mahogany windows when nothing less will do. ~ Lewis Stewart, Founder

Our Finish Process

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The first component is an impregnating agent which is flow coated to saturate the wood substrate. It is the impregnation from which each stained product receives its unique color chosen by the client. We have a selection of standard stain colors but can offer custom colors upon request. Rather than conventional stains that quickly fade with exposure; The impregnator is light fast and holds its color much longer. As an added benefit the impregnating agent also possess an anti-fungal compound which inhibits the growth of fungi and protects wood from mildew and rot.

After the impregnator has dried each component of every product is then carefully hand-sanded and prepared for the next step of the process, the sealant coat. The two-component sealer/insulator is then sprayed on all six sides of each individual component. The sealer provides excellent insulating power and helps prevent moisture from reaching the wooden substrate. The sealer is allowed to dry for a period of six hours. After which, the components are again carefully hand-sanded. At this point the components are carefully assembled and the units begin to take their form.

Once the units are assembled, they are then ready for the final step in our finishing process, the high-build top coat. Our top coat is an acrylic resin specially formulated to contain the highest level of U.V. absorbers and additives against free radicals of any product on the market. These characteristics provide for excellent weather and water resistance and performance which is critical in coastal regions where exposure can be extreme. With our top coat we are also looking to achieve a very high build for maximum protection. Leaving you with a finish that is very thick and one which will withstand the test of time. On our stained products this ultra-thick honey-colored topcoat adds a richness and depth of tone that is simply unparalleled.

With our painted or “pigmented” product the topcoat applied retains all of the characteristics of the transparent topcoat but pigments are added to attain whatever color our client chooses. The pigment and other additives make this topcoat opaque, allowing it to block even more of the sun’s damaging U.V. rays; making opaque finishes even more resistant to the elements and exposure. Thus our painted products carry a longer finish warranty.