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We design and build the best custom mahogany windows when nothing less will do. ~ Lewis Stewart, Founder

Insulated Impact Glass

Insulated impact glass is composed of a heavy plastic inter layer that fits tightly between two pieces of double strength glass.  An additional piece of tempered glass is added to form an insulated glass unit.  The entire unit is sealed together and glazed into the sash.

Stewart Brannen Millworks uses top of the line Cardinal Glass® that is an ultimate performance glass providing energy savings throughout the year.  Cardinal Glass® provides exceptional visibility.

There are several benefits to using Insulated Impact Glass in your new windows or doors.  The insulated impact glass is crucial in protecting your home from projectiles in extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes.  The same protection from projectile penetration also provides as a deterrent to unwanted intruders.  Windows and doors using Cardinal Glass® can act as a sound and light barrier as well reducing up to 50% of outside noise and blocking up to 98% of harmful UV rays.  The installation of insulated impact glass windows and doors maintains historic returns of 125% to 163%.

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