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Divided Light Windows and Doors

Divided light windows fall into two categories, TDL and SDL.  TDL stands for true divided light.  This means that every individual square of window is separate and divided by muntins or grills.  TDL windows are found on historic homes. Large pieces of glass were historically very expensive to manufacture so window makers used smaller glass lights and puttied them into preformed wood frames.  There are few window manufacturers that make TDL lights anymore.  We are one of the few that attempt to match theses historical profiles.

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In the 20th century energy efficiency became an important issue.  Insulated glass was introduced and the one piece window became a popular option.  The traditional true divided light effect can be achieved with SDL bars placed in between the glass layers and muntin bars are adhered to the surface on the glass with a strong permanent adhesive tape.  Most homeowners, weather building a new structure or renovating a historical home, are choosing the energy efficiency of SDL windows.  If you are just standing in front of a window it would be very hard to tell if the window is TDL or SDL.  They look nearly identical.

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Both divided light style windows offer different grille width and design options.  You can choose how many “lites” (“pieces” of glass) wide and tall.  Traditional glass and panel doors usually have a raised lower panel and a two light wide and three light tall upper portion of glass.  You are not limited to this traditional design because our windows and doors are 100% custom.  Let us know what configuration you have been thinking of and we will happily work with you to make your dream door or window a reality.

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