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2015 Extreme Weather Testing

Our Impact units are put through rigorous extreme weather tests to ensure they can stand strong against natural disasters.

Water Test

The units are attached to a vacuum wall that attempts to suck the water being sprayed on them through any seams or gaskets.

Design Pressure Test (Wind)

This test simulates the effects of hurricane force winds on door and window units.

Impact Test

A 2×4 projectile is fired multiple times at each test specimen with a pneumatic cannon. The test units must keep the projectile from penetrating through the unit and compromising the building envelope.


After the units are subjected to Impact testing they are put back on the vacuum wall and are cycled with pressures that would be equivalent to those experienced in a hurricane or high wind event. This process lasts quite a while and at no point during this portion of the test can the unit fail.

After all testing is complete, the units must still be operable.